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2014 SSANZ Safety at Sea Triple Series

Mercenary Baltic 50 report

22 Jul 2014

I was out on the SR26 Mercenary after many years of "gentleman's sailing" on Revolution. Fortunately Sean had taken me out on a Richmond winter series race the previous week so we had a chance to call that practise. With 5 SRs and Motorboat the screaming favourite it was looking like a good race was in order. We were both down to the boat early on Sat and got ready. Noticing the lack of activity on G Pier we found out there had been the postponement. So back home to dry out the wet weather gear and have another coffee. 
Out to the start. Code 0. Correct. #2 wrong, so we did a change out on the way to Rangi Light. This got us a bit low which we didn't mind as we wanted to protect the left. However watching all the other SRs lifting inside us and tacking back to Rangi had us talking, but staying patient. Eventually got the shift and laid through to the Noises. This was nice, and while Motorboat was still ahead it wasn't by much and we had a clutch of 88s and Ross 930s around us. Then we took our place in the parking lot watching the rich get richer and glad we weren't on the boats behind us to the Ahaas. Decided on the Code 0 for the trip to Waiheke which was the correct call. Had to do a back up as we came past Sergeants which lost a bit of ground but needed to be done as we could feel the weed. Lumped the #1 to Rocky and had a steadily dying flat run all the way to Browns. Never stopped but only just and did good things to the 88s around us. Then finished with a lovely reach home, passing another 88, a 1020 and finishing on the tail of a few boats that had been well in front at Rocky. Well done to Motorboat, Sailor Moon and those that took advantage of being in front to stretch further. We were very happy with being 2nd SR26 and to be 2nd in fleet was a great reward for a busy day in the rain.