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Newsletter April 2015

SSANZ Newsletter

07 Apr 2015

Chains Ropes and Anchors SSANZ Anzac 200
With the support of ChainsRopes and Anchors, SSANZ has initiated another event to tackle the growing needfor more long distance shorthanded yacht racing.  The ANZAC 200 race follows on from thesuccessful 2014 Round North Island 2 handed Yacht race (RNI) and bridges thegap between the RNI and the popular SSANZ Safety at Sea Triple 2 handed series.
The original idea started fromdiscussions about having a SSANZ qualifying event for the RNI race.  All boats entered in the RNI race must havecompleted a nonstop 250nm qualifying voyage to be eligible for the RNIrace.  As the RNI is every 3 years wedecided on a cycle of running 2 SSANZ events in the 2 years between the RNIwith the first being a manageable 150nm and the second race having a leg over250nm and a stopover with group restart. This should introduce teams to longer shorthanded sailing with stopoversand restarts and encourage more people to get out there.  Once they have completed the Anzac 250 theyare officially qualified to enter the RNI race.
Welooked at dates, timing, courses and configurations and decided that we neededto have the race outside the busy summer racing calendar but before the winterracing starts.  This also allows plentyof time for people to take their boats out of summer cruising mode and intowinter race mode.  Although it will becolder and darker at that time of the year, that?s all part of thechallenge!  The Triple series has provedthat winter racing is popular with consistent fleets in excess of 140boats.  SSANZ will continue to have along event every ANZAC weekend in between RNI races.
Originallywe had planned for the race to have a leg home but decided against this toallow for boats based outside the Auckland region to go straight home fromGreat Barrier.  There will be a rallyhome Sunday for the Auckland boats to a destination decided upon at the prizegiving with a group restart.  As Mondayis a Public holiday there is plenty of time to get home.
Overthe years the fleets have tended to grow in boat lengths, while this is good itdoes mean there are a mass of yachts that aren't out there that could be.  So in an effort to help grow the smaller endof the fleets, as they were in the hey days, we have a special prize for thesmaller end of the fleet as a extra encouragement to get out there do it.
Inthe ANZAC 200 there is a demountable alloy Excel Anchor up for grabs.  This is a state of the art latest technologySuper High Holding Power (SHHP) approved anchor that can be disassembled forstorage.  It is also lightweight as it'smade out of hi tensile aluminium.  It'sworth near on $1000.  To have a crack atscoring that prime piece of gear all you have to be is the length of a Farr1020 (which is 10.34mts) or shorter and launched last century.
Entrieslook to be promising at this stage with interest from many boats of all sizesand styles. Don?t hesitate to contact one of the team if you have any questionsabout the event.
Theformat we chose for this race is a 5:30pm start off Westhaven.  This allows for spectators and family to seethe boats leave the dock and watch the start. A late start ensures a full night at sea followed by a full day on thewater so sleep management becomes a factor. Two courses cater for yachts of all size and speed.  A 150nm course around the Poor Knights, thenMokohinaus finishing  at Great Barrierfor the bigger boats and a 100nm course going around sail rock instead of PoorKnights for the smaller boats.  Bothfinishing at Nagles Cove Great Barrier with a SSANZ committee boat on station(Farr 1220 Duty Free).  This should getmost of the fleet finished Friday Night in time for a raft up andsocialising.  On Saturday teams can dotheir own thing or join in with some of the fun, such as an island pub tour inmini vans.  Prize giving is scheduled for5:30pm Saturday Night at the Port Fitzroy Boating Club and is looking to be afun night.
The Future?.
Long term SSANZ is consideringrunning another Round New Zealand race in 2018. The ANZAC 200 will give people a solid lead up to the biggest sailingchallenge there is in NZ.  Starting withthe ANZAC 200 this year, ANZAC 250 in 2016, RNI 2017 and RNZ 2018.  It?s a program for the hard core sailors butwould promise to deliver a challenge you would remember for the rest of yourlife.
Datesare out for the SSANZ Safetyat Sea Triple Series
11thJuly, 8th August, 5th September.  We haveswapped the race order around to have the short race last to allow for somesocial activity after the last race.  Theidea of finishing the last race at Motuihe Island to allow for a raft up hasbeen suggested.
Ouraim at SSANZ is to increase the level of participation in the shorthanded andoffshore racing scene in NZ.  We alwayswelcome feedback and your ideas to make the events better. We want to run racesthat people want.
About theSSANZ Committee
SSANZ has a very well roundedand experienced volunteer  team behindthe scenes to keep it running smoothly.
PresidentSteve Ashley is always the voice ofreason and really has actually ?been there and done that?- not just once butseveral times.  Chairman Cameron Thorpe shares many of the samestories but without quite as many grey hairs. Cam is the driving force behind the team.
Financialsare taken care of by Maurice Parlaneour treasurer who also keeps track of memberships, incomings and outgoings.
Andrew MackMurdie (Duty Free) is our Secretaryand has the unenviable task of trying to take minutes in our meetings thatoften turn into sailing discussions and storytelling (plenty of sailing storieswithin the team!).  Andrew does a greatjob of keeping us on track, completing the meetings in a structured way andgetting the minutes distributed in a timely manner (occasionally).
Therest of the team consists of some well known names around the sailing scene:
Steve Newcome (Zen)
Jon Henry (currently absent,gallivanting around the world on his new yacht)
Scott Wilson (Fineline)
Angus Small
Thisyear there is some new blood in the SSANZ team with the recent additions of Josh Tucker (Cordite), Neil Hilder (Tickled Pink) and Damon Jolliffe (Motorboat). 
Recentlyretired but still assisting in many ways are Steve Barton, Dave Masonand SSANZ co founder Brian Murray.  Input from these guys is highly valued.
SSANZis always looking for volunteers for the start and finish boat for the Safetyat Sea Triple Series and other tasks so if you can assist in any way thencontact one of the team.  Contact detailsare available from our website at