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Round North Island

Round North Island Race

June RNI pre race news

14 Jun 2007

To all interested RNI people,
We are now well underway with most of the organization for 23rd February 2008 start. Well over 30 enthusiastic enquires to date for information on the event have been received,which is really positive for this time of the year and some of those enquiries already have their boats on the hardstands doing the necessary work that needs to be done. Emails have been coming from as far away as Australia.
There are also a lot of inquiries from past contestants, some that have endured this race 4-5 times before. They must have thought it was good or have lost their marbles, most have said I haven't won the event yet !
At this stage we are still waiting for our first official entry, (and that lucky person will get a nice surprise,) so if you are serious about this prestigious race  and wish to be "NO 1" then go to the website, place your entry, pay online and then wait for the surprise.
YES, we are now on line with all the necessary information and documentation you will need, so check the web at
Notice of Race
Entry form
You can pay for your entry on line
Plus monthly newsletters
For those of you who have any queries re rules, safety,timing or anything else that is on your mind please email me on for clarification. 
So all in all planning is well on track for another successful event
David Cooke
Race Director