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Leg 2 Update 1

28 Feb 2017

Once 60 percent of the fleet had finished Leg 1 the clock started for the re-start which was at 6pm from Mangonui. Blink had problems at the start and started 10 minutes after the rest of the fleet but soon caught up. Squealer gave the start boat owner heart palpitations as they shut the door on a few other boats trying to get in between them and the start boat - all clear in the end. 

At this morning's position report Laissez Faire was fairing better than Leg 1, reported in the middle of the fleet and had ordered a flat white to go. Onboard Vela Via it was time for some freeze dried food - the catering choice of many competitors. Boats were on a tight reach or on the wind reporting through boat speeds of between 5 and 10 knots. 

With cell phone coverage limited and the social media co-ordinator travelling to Wellington (a bit quicker than the fleet...) there's little to share or report on from the days progress. Ran Tan has been storming down the coast but their average speed has dropped as the breeze has lightened off. The Guarantee sent through an update at 1800 that they had been upwind all day after a hard night getting around the top pushing a lot of tide at Cape Reinga. But they are all happy. 

Leg 1 race leaders Rigmarole reported earlier about their lesson from Leg 1 " After grinding off fibreglass it is very important to remove ALL grinding dust, especially from the locker that holds the toilet paper..." No photos attached to that report. 

Meanwhile summer has finally arrived in Wellington so we're ready and waiting for the fleet to arrive in the capital.