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Leg 4 Update

11 Mar 2017

Update on Leg 4 so far. After a postponement of nearly an hour, the RO managed to find just enough breeze to get the boats across the start line in Napier and 23 boats headed slowly across the bay. 

Zenith and Squealer had both turned right to head back to Nelson. Wedgetail had issues before the start but managed to get things sorted on the travel lift and started nearly 2 hours behind the rest. It didn't seem to make too much difference as they caught up to to the fleet. Celadon have withdrawn from the leg and headed to Gisborne to wait out the coming weather and maybe go fishing. Jet returned to Napier with motor problems and now Cool Change have headed to Gisborne with rig problems. Another stopover gathering in Gisborne!

Conditions on the east coast worsened overnight Thursday with Provincial Cowboy reporting "Just past Poverty Bay, fairly lumpy, 2 reefs in the main and a reefed jib". The Guarantee Friday morning sent through an update that they were in 25 knots plus, on the nose slamming into backless waves. Sun Fast Racing also reported at 0900 that they were in big confused seas, and not that pleasant. At that time they were due east of Gisborne and 3rd on line - going really well on those unpleasant conditions! Since then Blink have passed them and Sun Fast have slipped back to 4th on line. 

Ran Tan 11 finished at 10.39 am Saturday, followed by Miss Scarlet less than an hour behind them. It's going to be a long wait for the rest of the fleet to finish.