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Lewmar Safety @ Sea 60 Race Report

11 Jul 2017

The day started off badly with the discovery that Subway Fanshawe st has closed!

So off to find the other subways round town, but no most of them don?t open till 8:30 or 9:00.

Oh well I guess it?s going to be a bag of chips and rum?s for lunch and dinner!

It?s my first time on a Platu 25 and Ash has only been on the boat a couple of times, so this should be a fun day.

Once we got the boat rigged it was a mad dash to start line with the poor little outboard going as fast as it could.

Hoisted the sails had a little look at shape, and then we were into our 5 minute???..

Coming out of the start line a little slow but in clear air and with the other Platu up to weather.

Things were looking bad in front of us. Looks like all the Division in front of us had sailed 500m and then parked??  which we did the same thing.

After a few good hits into the shore line in search of some breeze, we found some and managed to get out into the Motuihe channel to find that we had left most of our division park up behind us.

Things started to look up wind wise for a while in the Motuihe channel but sadly the closer we got to Rakino the lighter it got. Good news we could see that Moving Violation had parked up in home bay?

Once we got past Rakino and headed for the Hay stack it all turned to custard again?. We were the first boat in our division to Hay Stack but that doesn?t mean much, when the very little wind that was there, disappeared and we then spent the next 1 and bit hours parked up with John Barleycorn, Pretty  woman and Future Perfect, all while watching Moving Violation, Blondie and Boatie McBoatface come sailing right up to us?????Dam where is that bloody food now!

It looked like the breeze might come back in from the north. Wrong then we spotted a nice breeze line coming out from Gulf harbour, we were out that side with Moving Violation who managed to get it first?

Breeze ON! Off we go only to learn that in a Platu, with just 2 up in 10 knots it?s pretty much on the edge up wind, oh well we just hang on as it?s only about a 1nm to go?.

By the time we got to the shear?s rock buoy Moving Violation was 5 minutes in front of us and FX was half a boat length behind?? Round the mark and hoist kite?

Next drama, the outboard well plug had come loose boats behind were catching up, Ash tried to get it back in but we were going too fast? So we eased the kite in behind the main and slow as much as we could. After a couple of minutes Ash managed to get the plug locked back in and off we went?

As we were getting close to the Rakino channel so we decided it was Dinner time!(Rum and chips)

FX had to gybe to get through the channel, so we managed to keep our half boat length lead, but only just!

Moving Violation with their Big Gear on had put more time on us.

Round the corner and into the light breeze again? Shy kite all the way to the finish line for us. Which was never going to any good against FX and Moving Violation with their Mast Head Gennaker?s and Code Zero?s.

Once we were finished it a quick tidy up and trip to finish boat to help out, watch rugby, drink some rum  and have some of the Awesome chicken curry for dinner! Thanks to Louise and Mike!

All in all a great first race for us.