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SMAK under the big Gennaker heading for the finish

SMAK's B&G Simrad 50 report

11 Jul 2007

Being the first time we've ever sailed the boat or even raced on a canting keeler our main aim was to finish and not break anything. We managed both of these so we were pretty stoked.

After a pretty sifty sort of start it was off down the harbour and testing out the canting mechanism. We hit 15 knots on a puff just before Rangi light in preparation for the drop and knew then that anything reaching would suit us just fine. With Wired, Jive Talking and Waka in front and Positive Touch just behind we all hunkered down for the beat to the far end of the 'Heke'. Needless to say its not the part a 1000kg boat looks forward to!! The first tack we've done in the boat happened through the Rakino passage and was probably as bad as could be done, in irons, keel on the wrong side with a long grind to get the keel to windward.

We tacked all the way up to Kauri Point not quite knowing the best technique and it wasn't till the last two tacks we think we got it sorted. With all the weed around it probably wasn?t too bad a day to be doing involuntary backdowns every now and then though. Prawnbroker came past us looking pretty good with height and speed and certainly look like a different boat upwind now.

With half of the Longhaul fleet chomping us down on the beat we were hoping for some favourable conditions downhill and thought, initially, we had them. With probably 20-25 knots of breeze we were sitting on around 14-15 knots as we passed Passage Rock with Andar looking weary after their own troubles going to windward.

Then the forecast wind-drop happened and we were left to try to sail dead downwind with a geneker only, not a good look and managed a wee scuffle with Oracle (I don't really think you are a d*#khead Glen) before getting passed them on the run.

Pretty uneventful run down to Bean Rock with a few Elliott 1050s around us.

Managed to sneak passed Bean Rock just ahead of Andar who tried cutting it just a little too close. Having previously skimmed the rock on a SSANZ race, we thought all the boats around them were pretty lucky to get through safely.

Managed to finish mid(ish) fleet and sail to our handicap. Nothing broken and apart from bucketing out a sum total of 20 buckets of water throughout the day it's a whole lot of fun to sail.

Thanks yet again to all the gang on the SSANZ committee for running an awesome event?.looking forward to the next one!!


Steve and Heath ? ?SMAK?