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So who is DC Photography ?

12 Jul 2007

I bet a few of you have looked at some of the great photo's from the B&G Simrad 50 and wondered who is DC Photography ? DC Photography is just a name used by Tracy Mills for the photos she takes for a bit of fun (I think DC relates to some nickname which she doesn't seem to want to reveal !). Tracy is Matt Smeaton's partner and while he is out racing Final Decision she helps out in the RIB with safety inspections and taking photo's. Photography is just a hobby for Tracy and she is willing to pass on to competitors Hi-Res photo files of their boat provided they make a donation to Coastguard who provide a great service and manage the radio sked's for SSANZ. SSANZ recommends a donation of $10.

Tracy can be emailed at

Thanks for your help Tracy and for your kind offer which I am sure Coastguard appreciates. 

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