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Coruba SSANZ's new associate sponsor

08 Aug 2007

SSANZ is very pleased to be able to announce Coruba as an associate sponsor. The intention is for this to be the start of a long association so look forward to being able to enjoy their fine product in future SSANZ events.

SSANZ would like to thank long time supporter and competitor Steve Mair for putting us in touch. As Steve know's all yachties LOVE rum, and the extra challenges of shorthanded sailing makes SSANZ's competitors even more deserving.

To kick things off Coruba supplied some RTD's for competitors of the B&G SIMRAD 60 which I'm sure were most appreciated. I wonder how long it will be until we see boats queuing up for a post race safety inspection ? If you missed out don't worry, we will do similar things in the future and in the summer may even get the Coruba girls out !

Furthermore Coruba has come up with a fantastic offer to SSANZ members. SSANZ members who show their membership card at Liquor King Ponsonby will receive corporate pricing on all Coruba, Appleton Estate and Steinlager products when these products are not otherwise on special ! Generally the savings can be quite substantial. This offer is available until the end of 2007.

Coruba products include Full strength Coruba Gold & Original, Coruba Gold RTD mixers (bottles & cans). Check out their website for further information on their range of products.

Thanks Coruba, and for those of your who aren't already members, take advantage and join so that you don't have to pay full retail for your Rum or beer !