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Phizzle's Promise

25 Feb 2008

For some strange reason (possibly influenced by a large number of rum and cokes) Phizzle decided he had to get Sue's "Cool Runnings" singlet. Sue is a regular behind the Mangonui Yacht Club bar and is used to dealing to patrons that have had too many, so she took full advantage of poor Phizzle and drove a pretty tough bargain...

Sue agreed to hand over her "Cool Running's" Singlet on the condition that Phizzle wears it at each stopover and also the prizegiving and gets a photo taken with the local club's Commodore to prove it !!!

So it's up to you the fellow competitors and supporters to make sure Phizzle keeps up his end of the deal...

Comments have already been made about how well his "Man Breasts" fill out the singlet !