2007 B&G Simrad 60 - finish

Rattle Rum - first across the line
Rattle Rum - first across the line
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Rattle Rum - first across the line Mercenary Mercenary (a) unidentified a Elysium b Elysium c McMoggy a McMoggy b McMoggy c Train Smash a Train Smash b one of nine two of nine three of nine four of nine five of nine six of nine seven of seven eight of nine nine of nine Sundreamer a Sundreamer b Sundreamer c Travell'n Man a Travell'n Man b Rat Catcher a Rat Catcher b Rat Catcher c Die Fledermaus a Die Fledermaus b unidentified b Quarter Pint Whombat a Quarter Pint b Party Piedy a Party Piedy b Elly Finish gun Heading for finish Triumph a Triumph b Crewcial Fix a Crewcial Fix b Last leg Motamouse Motamouse b unidentified c unidentified d Heading to the finish Crocodile a Hassle Free The Source Moody Blues a Wimoweh 2 a Almost there Azure a Azure b On the last beat Danaide a Diablo a Christine a Pinotage a Avanti a L'Avanti b Black n Tan Aquaholic a Saint Fintan Nearly...there... unidentified and Wishbone Wishbone Cetacea Cantara China Doll Promise Waka Huia & Communique Thirsty Work One Extreme Strawberry Letter I saw three ships come sailing in.... Final Decision a Final Decision b

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